We are partnering with entrepreneurs in the following categories :
Data & Analytics
Cloud Innovation
Mobile First & IoT

About us

Founded in 1985, Ascent stands at the investing edge of innovative business-to-business technology (B2B IT). We partner with early revenue stage companies with an initial investment ranging from $2 million to $5 million. 

Our differentiator is our strategic dedication to investing in a singular space with enormous market potential – B2B IT. 

Investment Strategy

Our singular focus on B2B IT, combined with our 30 years of experience and over 100 early stage investments, has yielded powerful results that speak to our deep knowledge, expertise, commitments and networks. 

It’s no secret that B2B technology is in a state of constant evolution. Between the almost ubiquitous nature of the cloud and mobility, data analytics and entirely new security architectures, major challenges and tremendous opportunities abound. Over the next decade, the B2B IT market will be transformed by these trends, providing lucrative opportunities for innovative early stage companies to develop new markets, and become the dominant IT companies of the future.

We have a firm-wide commitment to backing companies that have courageous ideas about how technology can transform business and create market-leading companies along the way. Our partners, funds and extensive network, are dedicated entirely to supporting companies in the B2B tech arena, and helping them innovate to their greatest potential.


We are partnering with entrepreneurs in the following categories: