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Big Data: What’s Next?

July 25, 2012
Matt Fates

Even before Governor Patrick announced the Massachusetts Big Data Initiative in May, the state had already established itself as the big data capital of the world. We have 12,000 people employed in the sector in more than 100 companies. We have big money flowing from venture capital ($350 million in 2011) to fund local startups offering new solutions. We are also already home to storage giant EMC, which lends further credibility to this burgeoning field.

But while this is all good news, there remains a major hurdle: Most enterprises have no idea what to do with all of this data that’s growing exponentially every second. And big data companies cannot sell their products without doing a better job of explaining “so what?”

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  1. Alma says:

    Cross database joins are fine on Netezza. We do it all the time as stndraad practice. It’s physically 1 set of storage, one set of temp, and one database engine. I think the confusion is because in other platforms like Oracle a database instance is a separate set of storage, executables, temp , etc and data has to first be on-the-fly copied to one database before a join can be performed. In Netezza a database is much more like a schema in Oracle. The only limits I’ve seen are that you can only insert,update, delete in the database you are locally logged into and you can only reference sequences locally.