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Video: Terascala CEO Steve Butler Explains the Big Data Opportunity

July 20, 2012
Matt Fates

One of the biggest opportunities in Enterprise IT these days in “Big Data,” but this opportunity is not without real challenges.  Tackling these challenges requires innovation on many fronts. Processing massive sets of data requires powerful compute clusters, which much be complemented by equally powerful file storage systems. Terascala, a company we led the initial financing round for, has recently launched their new Lustre Stack and is working with major OEM players Dell, EMC and NetApp as channel partners. Terascala’s software helps organizations store, manage and process huge, rapidly growing amounts of business data – data that worldwide is  doubling every year.

In the short video below, Terascala CEO Steve Butler discusses the explosion in data and the opportunity it presents for Terascala.

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  1. Elvin says:

    One of the main challenges is deiinftely security, but businesses shouldn’t shy away from cloud solutions because of security concerns. There are many ways to address security issues in the cloud, and it can be very secure. Just go in with a plan.