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What Really Makes an Entrepreneur Successful?

What Really Makes an Entrepreneur Successful?

Google that question and you’ll have all the advice you could ever want or need.  One list of 25 items includes “grab attention,” “be accessible,” and “get involved.”[1]  Another list advises would-be entrepreneurs to be “highly self-motivated” and “exhibit strong leadership qualities.”[2]  A third suggests the need for a “strong inner drive” and “being excited […]

Ascent’s August: Big Data, SaaS Metrics, Entrepreneurial Advice and More

Our blog has been relatively quiet for the last month, but it’s not because we’ve stopped writing or taken a long vacation. We’ve been quite busy, actually, contributing articles to various publications throughout the month of August. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve written recently, in case you missed them: GigaOM: The Problem with […]