• "They’ve got some guts about the kind of things they go after."
  • "Each firm has a personality. When I think of the firms I like to work with, Ascent is at the top - it’s the partners."
  • "Really smart investors, the kind of firm that is a pleasure to work with - straight forward, intellectual and honest."
  • "Their IQ allows them to invest in things that aren’t going along with the pack."
  • "They’ve got some guts about the kind of things they go after."


Since the 1950s and the introduction of mainframe computers, the information technology industry has grown rapidly, often driven in bursts by major new technology cycles. Supercomputers, minicomputers, the personal computer, client/server networks, the Internet, the World Wide Web and software as a service - all of these developments have led to substantial productivity gains and economic growth for companies large and small. Today, global IT spending is approaching $4 trillion dollars annually, with annual growth estimated at 3 – 5%. The enormity and modest growth of the overall industry, however, belies the disruption that is occurring within IT.

Accordingly, IT spending will shift away from existing legacy systems and into four disruptive areas that Ascent focuses on:

» Data Analytics

» Shift to the Cloud

» Security

» Mobility & Communications

Bottom line: We invest in potential high-growth markets and leverage all of our resources to make your company as successful as possible.